4th Arson attack in La Unión in 2 weeks

4th Arson attack in La Unión in 2 weeks

Friday night saw the 4th fire in just 2 weeks at the Cabeza Rajao, a former silver mine, situated near to La Union and the venue for the Cante de las Minas, a flamenco and guitar music festival that has been held every year since 1961.

The police say that they believe all of the fires to have been started by the same person

In the most recent incident the perpetrator set fire to three different areas of, mainly, weeds and brush, in the area surrounding the Cabeza Rajao at about 11.45 pm on Friday evening.

As with all three of the previous occurrences the fires were set in areas which provide difficult access to the emergency services.

On Friday the first vehicle to respond was from Civil Protection which was joined moments later by a fire tender despatched from Los Alcazares. The fires were eventually extinguished by about 1am.

This was the 4th fire to occur in the last two weeks, all of which have been attributed to the same person. The first, on Tuesday, July 25, was set in 4 different places, the main one in El Chorrillo. The second, seven days later, on August 1, at the same place, and the third, on the night of Thursday, August 3, also close to the Rajao Cabezo during the festival.

The Mayor, Pedro Lopez Milan, said that investigations to identify the arsonist are well established which he hopes will result in an arrest in the coming days.

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