El Rancho Bowls Club.

El Rancho Bowls Club.

On Monday the Raiders were away to Horadada Falcons, where there is never an easy game. The Raiders however came away with just the one rink, but with a little more in experience and several close matches. Meanwhile the Pintos had a Bye.

On Friday the Mustangs, played host to Vistabella Picadors and played well to take 4 rinks and the overall shots. Sometimes a match can change with a shot or shots sliding through a tight gap or an excellent wood making a shot up from 5 down, it just gives you a good feeling. But I saw good bowls on all rinks and thoroughly enjoyed the match.

Geoff Jones, Jane Hamill and Stew Hamill 13-15. Barbara Jones, Sheila Cooper and Carolyn Harris 22-12. Ann Taylor, Shirley Edwards and Jim Taylor 25-13. Irene Thomson, Jim Gracie and Eddie Thomson 21-28. Judy Foley, Keith Cunningham and David Whitfield 21-12. June Whitworth, Henry Ryder and Richard Lee 22-10.

Meanwhile the Broncos played away to Montemar Toreadors and struggled a little against a strong team on their home mat. Although they came away without a point they have produced some good results recently and it is only a game, to be enjoyed. For membership details contact Brian Taylor on 965 07 7093 or  at briantaylor_es@yahoo.co.uk or Carolyn Harris on 966774316 or at elranchobowls.secretary@gmail.com.

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