Just waiting for the next accident

Just waiting for the next accident

As residents of the Orihuela Costa we are all delighted, of course to have been able to contribute toward the cost of the improved lighting at the city’s new intelligent pedestrian crossing in Los Andenes. Anything that improves the safety of pedestrians, particularly after nightfall, is to be applauded. I’m sure that mayor Emilio Bascuñana would agree.

So why, Mr Mayor, are the residents of Lomas de Cabo Roig still being required to take their lives in their hands every time they take the short, but extremely dangerous walk, from their homes, along Calle Cabo Creus from Lomas de Cabo Roig and the Fuente Commercial Centre, over the bridge at the AP7 motorway, to the Cabo Roig Medical centre, or the beaches and facilities just beyond.

During summer season more than 1000 vehicles a day pass over the bridge, putting the lives of pedestrians and cyclists in danger every time they make the journey.

It is now over four years since the bridge and cycle path were first promised by the local government on which there has been absolutely no movement on the project, and for which no new budgetary funds are needed since there has been a builders deposit available and earmarked for this project for many years.  

Without a pedestrian crossing, the increasing population of Lomas de Cabo Roig risk their lives every time they use the road bridge over the motorway to access the medical centre, shops and beaches of Campoamor.   

Quite how there haven’t been more deaths amongst the many pedestrians that regularly use this roadway, either en route to or from the beach, and the bars and restaurants, or to the Medical Centre, particularly at night, is an absolute miracle.

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