Municipal Leisure Centre loses cafeteria

Municipal Leisure Centre loses cafeteria

Despite catering for between 400 and 800 daily users the cafeteria in the Municipal Leisure Centre is closing down as the operator’s contract with the council has expired.

The mayor says that he has kept the service going despite there being no formal contract but now it is necessary to tender a for a new operator.

At the moment there is no scheduled date for its reopening. This was announced last week by Mayor José Manuel Dolón (Los Verdes) and the Councillor for Social Welfare, Fabiana Ibarra. (PSOE).

The mayor said that he accepts that a cafeteria is “essential” for the operation of the facilities, which has between 400 and 800 daily users. He said that he has maintained the facility for as long as it could but council staff must now carry out an inventory of the facilities, and assess what works are necessary, so that the new tender document can be prepared.

The centre has between 400 and 800 daily users

The mayor also said that he did not rule out a complete closure of the CMO if important work is necessary to adapt the cafeteria area in order to offer it to tender.

The CMO was built in the middle of the last decade at the same time as the shopping centre for a cost of 1.7 million euros. It has a capacity to house 1,500 people. It is a very popular venue in a municipality where more than a third of the population exceeds 60 years of age.

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